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Because today’s environmental and social issues concern us, we support the “Water Family” and “Diakité” in their battles. Find out more about them and our partners here:

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Water Family

Since 2009, the Water Family has been developing educational content for schools and businesses in order to learn how to protect water and our health by promoting good practices. The Water Family is: + 150 sports ambassadors, 15,000 young people sensitized each year, 1,000 professionals at our side, Join us !

Association à soutenir


We help people in migration situations. Bayonne has become a stage of this journey. We meet their basic needs (hot meals, rest area, clothes, shower) during their stay on Bayonne. The momentum of solidarity is incredible but we still continue to need presence on the spot.
So, join us !

All together !

We support them because, for years, they have been acting for a better, greener and more citizen-friendly society. Because they have chosen action rather than passivity. Because they need help and support to make their movements even bigger.

It is not thanks to La Cyclerie that they exist. We can even say that we are getting on the bandwagon, but talking about it is a start. If like us, you want to contribute : share their projects, make a donation or even better , join them !


You will find all the information on their websites or at our store.

Without them, we would not be here. Thank you for the help !