Faites vous livrer à domicile gratuitement* à Moliets, Vielle St Girons et St Michel d'Escalus !

To see and do

Here you will find a small guide of must do in Léon and its surroundings. Whether you are a regular or coming for the first time, here are some places and activities you do not want to miss !

Must do

We are guiding you, because we already love you. #c'estlamour

Ride a stretch of the most famous European bike lanes! From Léon’s lake to the Atlantic Ocean, do not miss our many cycle routes.

Cycling on the beach ? It’s now possible thanks to our electric Fat Bikes ! Guaranteed sensations at low tide !

Discover the know-how of our local artisans and artists or taste the fresh products from our local farms. 

Still active, climb the 183 steps of the lighthouse and enjoy a magical panorama of the Landes ! Spoiler alert : legs will burns ! 

Come to the Landes and not surf ? Unthinkable ! Discover this fun, demanding and value-packed sport with Leon’s surf schools.

Léon is home to a unique nature reserve. Discover its beauty and biodiversity with the boatmen of Hûchet current.

We tested ...

We tested for you the restaurant Léontine and we ate well !

A warm welcome, good affordable food in a really good environment ! Bon appétit, of course !!

Le Pignon à Léon, le restaurant est voisin de la Cyclerie

Last tips

Take a bike instead of the car ! You can absolutely do everything by bike and you will go faster.

Enjoy your trip ! Even if it rains ! We like to see you with a smile 🙂

Watch out the dune ! It is a very sensitive ecosystem. Walk on the passages provided for this purpose !

And of course, you do not throw your trash or butts in the nature …

Finally, save the water to the maximum !

“Take Care of the place you love”

 Vincent Garlat

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